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New Jersey Airflow is a family owned and operated business based out of central New Jersey serving the Tri-state area. No job too small, no job too big. Where the clients always come first with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Built on old-fashioned principles.



 My name is Nicholas Costeira I'm the owner and operator of this business. I started building this company many years ago from the ground up. Started with a toolbox and working out of the trunk of my car. At the time I worked a full-time job for a local company. After my long day of work I would start the second shift working for myself. Sometimes it would be a service call on the way home or going to a jobsite to do an installation. As long as I can remember there were no weekends off and summers were out the window. All my work was by word-of-mouth, no advertisements in newspapers or anything of the sort. Finally after ups and downs my hard work started to build a reputation that was unheard of and unmatched in this industry. I wanted to set myself apart from others in the field. Phenomenal craftsmanship built with top-of-the-line components at an affordable rate. With great customer service and a hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. My father a long time ago taught me to take pride in your work that every time you put your hands on something you put a name with it. Ever since that day every bit of attention has been taken into detail with no exceptions.  I hold my employees to the highest of standards. Remember I built this from the ground up. Still to this day I oversee each and every single project. You can rest assured that I go over every bit of detail and with that my name goes behind it with the reputation that I have built.




                                                                    Owner and Operator

                                                                    Nicholas F Costeira




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